Sell In 7 Days

If you are a seller who wants to sell fast, for maximum cash value, and with no realtor commissions then we should talk about doing a Highest Bidder Sale.

Instead of just “listing” a house on MLS and planting a sign in the yard, a Highest Bidder Sale relies on a massive marketing campaign to attract attention from buyers.

Here's more about a Highest Bidder Sale:

  • It involves about a week of hard work instead of potential months of sporadic selling visits.
  • It encourages full disclosure between the homeowner and potential buyers.
  • Sellers do not start high and slowly come down – Sellers start low and let the market determine the top price.
  • The sale is less costly for sellers and buyers because there is no realtor commission or broker fees to pay. This means a seller can sell for less, and still come out ahead. Additionally, the commission savings instantly adds to the substantial existing equity for the buyer.
  • The HBS Method attracts a reasonably-sized buying pool during a concentrated timeframe so the property will sell for a price that is fair both to the buyer and to the seller.
  • The sale process is entirely open. Buyers do not bid against the Seller, but against other bidders.
  • The closing process is the same as in conventional home sales unless the seller is offering Seller Financing.

We'll work harder in 7 days to sell your house as your partner and see if we can get a price you like.  If we can't, we can explore listing your house.

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